Call for Papers

All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. The discussion topics and submission topics of 2021 International Symposium on Humanities and Social Sciences, Management and Education Engineering (HSSMEE 2021) are as follows.


Adult education

Aesthetics and Creativity


Applied arts

Archaeology and Anthropology

Architecture and Interior Design

Art Curation & Conservation

Art History

Art in Society

Art Theory & History

Arts and Design

Ceramics, Sculpture, & Crafts


Commercial Teaching and Education

Contemporary Arts Practice

Cultural Geography

Cultural studies

Cultural Studies & Popular Culture

Curriculum reform research

Dance, Magic, & Comedy

Decorative arts

Demography and ethnography

Distance education

Drama, Film, & Television

Drawing, Painting, & Printmaking

Educating the Educators

Education Quality Assurance

Education Reform

Educational management

Educational Research and Development

Educational technology

Educational Technology and Management

Engineering Education and Training

Film, television and other screen arts

Folklore & Oral Literacy

Freedom of Expression

Gender Studies

Graphic Art & Web Design

Higher education

History & Culture

History and archaeology


Industrial art and design

Information and Museum Studies

Information Architecture

Innovation education

Innovative research in the field of education

Insights into Social Issues

Insights into World Issues

Interdisciplinary studies

Issues Between Disciplines

Journalism and The News

Journalism, Media & Communication Studies

Landscape Architecture

Language & Literature

Law and Justice

Legal studies

Library Studies

Linguistics and Modern Languages

Literary & Cultural Theory


Media and Youth

Media Concepts, Theories and Methods

Media Platform and Genre Studies

Media's Role in Public Relations and Marketing

Multidisciplinary Studies

Music and Musicology

Musical arts

Network Education System and Its Application

New teaching method and thought

Occupational Science

Oral Communication & Written Translation


Performance Art



Political science

Politics & Political Science

Post-colonial & De-colonial Studies

Practical education

Pre-school education


Quality education

Regional studies and human geography

Religion studies

Religious Studies

Social Sciences


Special education

Studies Involving Social Media

Study of art

Subject education

Teaching theory


Theory and history of art

Theory and Practice of Engineering Education

Visual Arts

Vocational and technical education


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Important Dates

  Submission Deadline

  June 15, 2021

  Registration Deadline

  June 25, 2021

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